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Mindset, Relationship, Life Purpose Coaching

FOJ offers both individual and group coaching programs 

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Mindset Coaching

This is for people who:

  • Have blocks and fears they are having a hard time overcoming

  • Wants to grow in their career, life, etc.

  • Want peace and happiness

  • Want to changing their thinking pattern.


  • Help resolve:


- Fears

- Anxiety

  • Create a plan for permanent growth

  • Balance and happiness with self

  • Create positive thinking patterns

Happy Friends

Relationship Coaching

All relationships types (family, friends, co-workers, community)

This is for people who:

  • Have troubles in their relationship(s)

  • That find it hard to maintain a relationship with others

  • Have blocks or fears about relationships

  • Have a problem communicating with others


  • Healing from past relationship(s) drama

  • Create a positive relationship patter

  • Build great communication habits- Communicate effectively

  • Techniques to disconnect from old relationship patterns

Solar Panels Technicians

Life Purpose Coaching

This is for people who feel they are being called for something more or different in life or are unhappy or unfulfilled where they currently are in work or life.


  • Self discovery guidance

  • Clarity of values, vision and purpose

  • Help with discovering their life’s purpose

  • What makes them passionate and happy.

If you are ready to successfully move forward in life and reach all of your goals. I invite you to book a free discovery session.  

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